Monday, 12 September 2011

Strawberry & Meringue Pudding

trip to Baguio City the summer capital of the Philippines,  wouldn't be complete without visiting  strawberry farm and of course taking it for "pasalubong", from Baguio City or anywhere else, you bring along this very simple dessert made from strawberries that you will surely love ...the ingredients are strawberries, double cream or whip cream,sugar,balsamic vinegar and meringue (a mixture of beaten egg whites and granulated sugar whipped together) here's how:
again, i don't use measurements for the ingredients all will be defending on your, cut strawberries into pieces and put in bowl add some sugar and balsamic vinegar (don't be too generous it may spoil the color of the cream to dirty brown instead of appetizing pinkies color)..meanwhile, whip the cream until thick and crumble two or more meringue into the cream then add in the strawberries (save some for toppings) and fold to blend all the ingredients.....serve in a stylish glass top with the remaining strawberries...try it!


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