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Saturday, 27 October 2012

REpost Article - SEVA

i hope am not violating any google policy in reposting this article in full context..its from my own site though and am the author...anyhow,i thought of reposting this article to remind me that christmas is fast approaching..also my recollection one of my happy thoughts...
A striking tagline “Help, not only because it feels good…but because we should” … It was a fulfilling experience to give service to others without expecting something in return…the joy and happiness we brought to these under privileges kids even for a short period of time when we did the feeding program two years ago.. 
"It was a precious and happy moment but the memory that I hate to embrace…"
a more brighter picture of happy kids showing they have enough to live a comfortable life are more beatiful and pleasant to see…at some point in time, I have to face the reality that not everyone can afford the comfort of life… I just wish for more generous people to walk and see through the path in helping less fortunate kids and families….

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