Monday, 12 September 2011

Apple Courtesy of Wax Museum

This was published by DereKenGavin shared on my blog.. a forwarded message from  silvagerry2000  giving warning on eating apples.. Be Careful when eating apples Please don't eat the skin of the apple because it's coated with wax. Check before you eat many of the fruits. WAX is being used for preservation purposes and cold storage. You might be surprised
especially apples from USA are more than one year old, though it would look fresh. Becox wax is coated, preventing bacteria to enter. So it does not get dry. We all love to eat apple so better if we cut and peel off the skin before eating it or Eat Apples after removing the wax as shown in the picture..  Well, reading this message confirms my thought that not everything we read and see in the internet are true...


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