Saturday, 15 October 2011

Kalderetang ITIK

Am craving for kalderatang itik (duck) so I decided to wake up early today and cook it for lunch…it so easy to make and here’s how:
in a pan, sweat and slightly brown chopped itik and set aside..using the same pan sauté garlic; onion (I suggest lots of onion); itik; salt & pepper and flavor enhancer (Maggi Magic Sarap)..pour in about 12oz of Sprite (serves as duck meat tenderizer) and simmer until the meat is tender (slow cooking will enhance the flavor of the duck meat).  Add the liver spread and tomato sauce..lastly, add bell and chili pepper..though the liver spread will thicken the sauce, you can add-in bread crumbs to extra thicken the sauce and for texture…serve on top of steamy rice..SARAP! 


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