Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Chicken Satay in Peanut SAUCE

sometimes on a tight budget we opted to try all in one ingredients that comes in package..easy on the budget but does not comprise the taste of the dish..that's why i had this simple method in preparing chicken satay and you need not to be a chef to cook this...chicken breast cut into strips then create a mixture of honey; soy sauce; peanut butter; lemon juice; salt & pepper; Maggi Magic Sarap to enhance the flavor of the dish. Marinate the chicken strips for at least an hour.  Cook the chicken satays  in a pre-heated grill, while basting occasionally with the marinate.   Meanwhile, to create the peanut sauce,
simple add soy sauce; coconut cream; lemon juice; peanut butter and you can use Maggi Magic Sarap to enhance the flavor of the sauce; in a saucepan and cook slowly to smooth consistency...that's it!..


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