Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sinigang na bangus belly sa BAYABAS

Am craving for something warm and comforting dish that will compliment to the weather outside and i thought only of a soup dish…apparently it is unsafe to go  to the market because of the strong wind and heavy rain brought by typhoon “Pedring” so, I had to explore on the available ingredients in the ref..i found some bayabas or ripe guava fruits, bangus or milk fish, gabi or taro root, okra, spinach (optional) to replace for kamote tops, and basic condiments and spices to make “sinigang na bangus belly sa bayabas” in this simple steps..

Blender or mashed couple of peeled ripe bayabas , boil water in a pot and put the sliced onion, tomatoes, taro root, add fish sauce and the puree bayabas, siling haba and salt to taste. Add in the bangus belly just barely poached in the liquid and you can add the rest of the vegetables...its done in less than 45 minutes.. Best serve with fish sauce and kalamansi...let’s eat!


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